The pots

Decoding the code! The information given below each pot is (in this order)

  • the pot size (within the range i.e. small, medium or large),
  • the year is was made,
  • the diameter of the pot
  • the height of the pot

M14/14/4 means that the pot is within the medium range, was made in 2014, is 14cm in diameter and 4cm in height.  

These are approximates!



    DSC_0238Medium pot  £12  M14/14/3
Medium pot  £15  M14/15/5
Medium pot £12 M15/14/5


Medium pot  £12  M15/15/4
Medium pot  £14  M15/14/4
Medium pot £14 M15/14/5
Large pot  £25  L14/18/8




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